What is the People’s Stage? 

Every year, many Wisdom 2.0 participants ask how they can share their great work, insights, and presentations with our community. We are happy to announce the return of The People’s Stage to our 2018 annual conference.

The People’s Stage is a series of interactive breakout sessions submitted by registered conference attendees and selected by popular community vote. The People’s Stage is designed for more intimate, interactive sessions. Sessions are about 20 minutes long.

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Author: Renee DeVere
Title: Hypnotherapy for Transformation
Description: In Hypnotherapy for Transformation we will explore how hypnotherapy can improve your life by tapping into the incredibly powerful subconscious mind. We will discuss how hypnosis works and dispel myths and misconceptions. Hypnosis, also known as the trance state, is not sleep, a zombie-like state, or for the “weak-willed” as movies/media would lead some to believe. In fact, a certain level of intelligence and the ability to focus on the process create better outcomes. We will also cover the many benefits and scientific research on hypnotherapy. In our workshop, you will learn how taking part in the hypnotherapy experience is highly empowering, and you will learn techniques on how to do it for yourself (known as self-hypnosis).
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