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What is the People’s Stage? 

Every year, many Wisdom 2.0 participants ask how they can share their great work, insights, and presentations with our community. We are happy to announce the return of The People’s Stage to our 2017 annual conference.

The People’s Stage is a series of interactive breakout sessions submitted by registered conference attendees and selected by popular community vote. The People’s Stage has space for 130 participants, as it is designed for more intimate, interactive sessions. Sessions are about 18 minutes long.

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Author: Denise LaBarre
Title: Go Beyond Yoga
Description: Go Beyond Yoga to complete health by releasing the emotional issues in your tissues. Yoga, meditation, and mindful practices are important pieces of your well-being puzzle. For optimum functioning, you also have to connect the dots between your physical issues and the stuck emotional energy that underlie them. We all have emotional wounds, and we do our best to work around them. Imagine how much better you would feel, function, and enjoy life with your emotional kinks un-kinked and the energy flowing freely! Let me give you the 4 simple steps to recognize and release the issues in YOUR tissues. I have been helping people make mind, body AND emotional connections for 4 decades in my writing, private sessions, workshops, and lectures. My book: Issues in Your Tissues: Heal Body and Emotion from the Inside Out. Please vote for my video! Thank you. Denise LaBarre
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