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What is the People’s Stage? 

Every year, many Wisdom 2.0 participants ask how they can share their great work, insights, and presentations with our community. We are happy to announce the return of The People’s Stage to our 2017 annual conference.

The People’s Stage is a series of interactive breakout sessions submitted by registered conference attendees and selected by popular community vote. The People’s Stage has space for 130 participants, as it is designed for more intimate, interactive sessions. Sessions are about 18 minutes long.

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Author: katyk1
Title: The Integrative Leader: 6 Key Integrative Ways To Increase Your Mindfulness And Energy At Work And In Life
Description: I am Katy Kvalvik and I am an integrative executive coach and facilitator, the CEO of the Harmony Method Group, and founder of the Harmony Method, an integrative leadership and lifestyle system blending ancient wisdom and modern science. I help executives, leaders and entrepreneurs and their teams and organizations go from functional to optimal by using these integrative, mindfulness strategies and techniques. At Wisdom 2.0 I will be going over 6 key integrative ways to increase your mindfulness and energy at work and in life. It is important to learn these 6 key strategies to increase your mental and emotional awareness, be able to be present and focus on what is happening in the moment and to be able to open your mind and heart to a holistic view of yourself, everyone you connect with, and the impact you are creating in the world. For more information:
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