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What is the People’s Stage? 

Every year, many Wisdom 2.0 participants ask how they can share their great work, insights, and presentations with our community. We are happy to announce the return of The People’s Stage to our 2017 annual conference.

The People’s Stage is a series of interactive breakout sessions submitted by registered conference attendees and selected by popular community vote. The People’s Stage has space for 130 participants, as it is designed for more intimate, interactive sessions. Sessions are about 18 minutes long.

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Author: kristy
Title: Self-Compassion in an Age of Uncertaintly
Description: What will we need to get ourselves through this next phase of challenging times? Self-compassion, with its three components of mindfulness, self-kindness and common humanity (self-compassion researcher, Kristin Neff's definition). Mindfulness gives us perspective and equanimity; self-kindness gives us the strong emotional foundation from which to witness and respond to injustice; understanding common humanity helps us to connect with anyone we are in relationship with, opening the possibility of working together toward mutually beneficial goals. And the great thing is that these skills can be learned.
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